Xi ‘an Daikin Qing’an Compressor co., LTD, is Japan’s Daikin industries co., LTD (Japan) and QINGAN group co., LTD. (China) joint venture of the establishment of joint venture production and sales of air-conditioning compressor.

70 years of professional company with Japan Daikin air conditioning technology, have rich experience and the world first-class management level, continuously introduce the latest achievements, to share with colleagues, to promote the development of China’s air conditioning with great force.

Establishment time: August 21, 1996

Capital fund: Us $32.28 million

Capital contribution ratio: The Daikin industry is 51%; Qing’an Group 49%.

Number of employees: 1500 people

Scope of business: 3 ~ 12 horsepower air conditioning USES vortex type compressor

Production capacity: 800,000 Pieces/ year

Floor area: An area of 23800 square meters


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