Sanyo Scroll Compressor Internal High Pressure Design R410A(50HZ 380-415V/60HZ 440-460V)

Short Description:

Our compressors are in high quality and reasonable price, there are the specification range we provide as follows:

1.Various famous brand, GMCC,LG,SAMSUNG,DAIKIN,SANYO etc.

2.Only   brand new and original packing compressor of air condittioning and freezer compressor.

3.household  and commercial compressor .

4.Large range of cooling capacity: household:usually 7000~30000BTU; Commercial:3~12HP.

5.Voltage and frequency range:115V, 220V,230V,240V,380V,440-460V;50HZ&60HZ.




  • FOB Price: $Negotiable
  • Packing Number: 9~120Pieces/Carton
  • Min.Order Quantity: Negotiable
  • Fatory Supply Ability: 50 Million Pieces per Year
  • Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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    Famous brand

    Our company is a agent of notable brand compressor which including GMCC,LG,SAMSUNG,SANYO,DAIKIN,providing best performance compressors

    Model variety

    In order to offer you a various product portfolio of air conditioning compressor and refrigeration compressor, our range covers single, twin, two stage of rotary compressor and low pressure and high pressure of scroll compressor.It enables to provide you with full support in all application of your needs.


    With the product quality and safety evaluation system that performs basic quality and safety evaluation for products at every production stage. Under the quality gate system, all our products undergo a safety check at each quality gate based on a checklist, preventing shipments of products with quality or safety issues.

    We also have achieved recognition our quality and sustainability from Europe, North America, China and Japan.

    Customer Support

    We promise to deliver a satisfying level for all your business stage that exceeds our customers expectations, and strive to provide the highest value to our customers through a fast, accurate and differentiated service & solution as your business partner.

    C-SB,C-SC Series Scroll Compressor

    R407C-B8(50HZ 380V-415V/60HZ 440-460V)                                                                                                                              EVI Models

    Phase Out Put Displacement CompressorModel CompressorCode StartingMethod 50HZ Cooling 60HZ Heating OutlineGraphCode
    Capacity COP Capacity COP
    HP cm³/rev KW KBTU/h W/W BTU/Wh KW KBTU/h W/W BTU/Wh
    3 3.5 55.7 C-SBS120H38Q 10.1 34.5 3.00 10.2 10.5 35.8 3.18 10.9
    4 66.8 C-SBS145H38Q 12.1 41.3 3.10 10.6 12.2 41.7 3.20 10.9
    5 83.2 C-SBS180H38Q 15.3 52.2 3.14 10.7 15.0 51.2 3.20 10.9
    6 96.2 C-SBS205H38Q 17.5 59.7 3.02 10.3 16.9 57.7 3.18 10.9
    8 137.0 C-SCS295H38Q 24.5 83.6 3.16 10.8 24.6 84.0 3.22 1.0
    10 171.2 C-SCS370H38Q 29.9 102.1 3.20 10.9 30.7 104.8 3.25 11.1
    12 205.4 C-SCS435H38Q 35.2 120.2 3.15 10.8 35.0 119.5 3.21 11.0

    Product Feature

    1.High reliability

    2.High-Performance rolling bearing is applied in the main frame and the bearing plate.

    3.Direct power breakdown for motor protection.

    4.The using of strainer in the suction inlet ensures the safety of compressor

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