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Application Guide

Compressors under improper application can not achieve good performance and long-life reliability. This application guide provides the recommended handling techniques and requirements for application of compressor in order to help achieving good performance and long-life reliability

1.Notice in handling, storage and transportation of compressor

Compressor with the removal of rubber cap from tube should be assembled with the cycle as soon as possible. It is not allowed that the compressor without rubber-cap is left in the air more than 15 minutes.Compressor might be aected by the environmental condition which it is stored.

So, compressor that is charged with nitrogen and sealed should be used within recommendation period.


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3.Warning / Danger
Failure To Follow These Instructions Could
Result In Serious Personal Injury.

3-1.Ground the equipment securely.

3-2.Turn opower before servicing.

3-3.Mount the terminal cover in place whenever Power is applied to this compressor.

3-4.Wear protective goggles when servicing.

3-5.Before brazing, remove pressure from both High and low side.

3-6.Do not use this compressor to compress air.

3-7.Use only approved refrigerants and lubricants.

3-8.Do not touch with bare hands during running or after stopping instantly.

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