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LG give you the worldwide product leadership with The best performance and best quality.
All of the LG Compressor’s high-technology and Quality is for customer’s competitiveness
In the global market.

LG compressor makes you reach your Target wherever it is.

1973  Reciprocating compressors were produced from 1973 in Korea factory.

1997  China factory was established in 1997.

2004  MA/MB series were produced from 2004.

2007  Hi-efficiency ME series & compact size MSA series were produced from 2007.

2008  Hi-efficiency MQ series were produced from 2008.

2009  1st Gen. BLDC & Hi-cooling capacity L series were produced from 2009.

2011  LG unique Linear & compact size CSA series were produced from 2011.

 2012  2nd Gen. BLDC BMA & compact size, Hi-efficiency CMA were produced from 2012.

2013  3rd Gen. BLDC BMG series were produced from 2013.

2014  4th Gen. BLDC BSA & compact size, Hi-efficiency CSB were under developed from 2014.

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